Could Tech Be the Answer to Truck Driver Fatigue?

Could Tech Be the Answer to Truck Driver Fatigue?

March 04,2019

Ongoing statistical analysis of semi-truck accidents by the federal government finds that around 5,000 occupants of passenger vehicles die every year in wrecks involving semi-trucks, and another 700 drivers and passengers in 18-wheelers die annually in these crashes. There are a number of reasons why big-rig wrecks happen, but the overwhelming cause of truck crashes when the trucker is at fault is driver fatigue, followed c...

When Does a Car Accident Become a Personal Injury Claim?

January 18,2019

When injured in a car accident, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by uncontrollable events after the wreck: dealing with medical bills, getting your car fixed (or replaced), all those calls (and letters) from insurance companies, not to mention the pain and hassle resulting from the injuries themselves. It can be a real chore for car wreck victims to decide whether they need to hire an attorney. Sometime after your automobile...

Can I Sue Someone After a Car Accident in Kentucky?

January 02,2019

When you (and family or friends) are injured in a car accident in Kentucky, you file a claim with your insurance company, which then forwards it to the negligent driver’s insurer. If that driver’s carrier is not offering a reasonable, fair settlement amount that will pay for all the damages you’ve suffered, a lawsuit to recover the balance may ultimately be appropriate. The only true reason to file a car accident laws...

What to Do When an Accident is Not Your Fault

December 10,2018

Every day many drivers are involved in car wrecks, often because of the careless actions of other people. If this happens to you, what should you do? First, don’t panic. Check everyone in your vehicle and the other car(s) to make sure no one is seriously injured. If EMTs are needed, call them – and the police. Make notes of who is injured and what the injuries initially seem to be. Don't move a seriously injured perso...

Have You Been Injured? Learn How to Calculate Pain and Suffering

November 12,2018

Understanding how pain and suffering damages in a personal injury claim/lawsuit are reached takes a bit of thought -- not only in regard to calculating them, but also as to the larger issue of determining pain and suffering within the context of the total damage award. There are two types of damages in personal injury law: economic (called “special damages” in Kentucky) and non-economic “general” damages. Special...

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