Are Nursing Homes Liable for Falls?

Are Nursing Homes Liable for Falls?

September 27,2021

If you’re wondering are nursing homes liable for falls, the answer is typically yes. When a resident slips, trips or falls in a nursing home, the home is liable under the legal theory of premises liability. In addition, a nursing home can also be liable under the medical negligence theory if a resident falls and suffers serious injury. There are several ways that a nursing home can be negligent when it comes to preventi...

One in Four Nursing Home Abuse Allegations Goes Unreported

November 07,2017

More than 25 percent of sexual and physical abuse allegations by seniors about their caregivers are apparently going unreported to police, according to a government audit, which accuses Medicare of failing to enforce a federal law that requires immediate notification of these crimes. The Health and Human Services inspector general's (IG) office issued an "early alert" in August 2017 based on preliminary findings from ca...

Elder Exploitation: Financial Abuse is Still Abuse

August 14,2017

The word “abuse” encompasses a wide range of behaviors. Probably the most commonly thought of scenario involves physical violence or verbal aggression. It brings to mind terrible news stories of “child abuse” or “sexual abuse.” It may even conjure up thoughts of neglect, which is often closely linked with caring for children, senior citizens, or pets. What's not usually in the forefront is financial abuse, yet ...

Long-Term Care Options in KY

December 12,2016

Independence is an easy quality to take for granted – that is, until you don’t have it anymore. When performing everyday tasks becomes a burden, there are places to turn to, including assisted living facilities, group homes, and nursing homes. These long-term care options are relied upon by millions of people nationwide who need help with basic activities, primarily due to injury, chronic illness, disability, or aging....

Forced Arbitration by Nursing Homes Set to End

October 05,2016

It is common practice these days for arbitration clauses to be tucked into the dense language of business contracts. Many people don’t even know what they’ve agreed to unless a quarrel arises -- then they find out the hard way that they signed away their right to litigate disputes. Arbitration is popular with businesses because it tends to favor them while also operating to deny individuals their day in court. For e...

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