What Is Personal Injury Liability?

What Is Personal Injury Liability?

November 03,2018

The concept of personal injury arises from English Common Law during the Renaissance, which is where the elements of our laws and legal precepts originate. Liability pertains to injury accidents which are caused by negligence of another party, be it a person or some other entity – such as a business or the government. The premise is that the negligent party which caused the accident is “liable” for financially reimb...

Kentucky TBI Victim Helps Others through Advocacy

October 24,2018

It’s always nice to know when someone who has dealt with serious hardship turns around and uses their misfortune to make the world a better place for others. That’s what Georgetown resident Vicki Boyles is doing here in Kentucky. Boyles suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2004 when she was a victim of a rear-end vehicle collision. Since her long recovery, she’s devoted much of her time to making sure that cyc...

How Much Compensation Will I Get for a Spinal Injury?

October 10,2018

After a serious spinal injury, victims often wonder, "how much compensation will I get for a spinal injury?" To find the answer, it's important to understand the nature and seriousness of spinal injuries, as well as the types of damages that can be covered in a settlement. Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are catastrophic traumas which often produce partial or complete paralysis, a range of other lifelong physical challenges...

What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

October 03,2018

Catastrophic injuries are so disastrous that their effects leave the victim’s body permanently ruined. Brain damage (traumatic brain injury – TBI) and/or spinal cord injury which can cause mental incapacitation and physical handicap are two such catastrophic injuries. Many burn injuries may leave the victim physically altered and impaired. Other catastrophic injuries can produce serious internal organ damage, or loss o...

Can This Car Camera Tell You If You’re Distracted?

September 10,2018

New technology developers are constantly pushing the envelope to create programs and applications which in many cases may make life easier and safer for us on a variety of levels. San Diego-based startup Netradyne has a new entry into the world of driver safety – the Driveri system. It helps you become a better driver through real-time monitoring of how you drive, then gives feedback, both immediate and later, from a r...

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