$9 Million

Violation of Trucking Company’s driver training and education led to catastrophic crash. Plaintiff was catastrophically injured and Billy Johnson was able to negotiate pre-trial settlement well over $9 Million Dollars. [Truck Wreck Cases]

$6 Million

Seven year old suffered severe brain injury when a two piece rim separated and struck child’s head. Billy Johnson filed products liability suit against the manufacturer of the rim which resulted in pre-trial settlement of over $6 Million dollars.

$2.8 Million Verdict

Pike County Jury awarded after a trial and found Defendant Driver guilty of driving while intoxicated and hitting Plaintiff head on, causing significant personal injuries and punitive damages. [DUI Crashes & Injuries]

Jury Verdict, Plaintiff listed as at fault party

Unanimous Jury verdict entered in Pike County after Plaintiff listed as at fault driver on the police report. Within six months the case was in front of a Jury. Jury found trucking company at fault and awarded a unanimous verdict in excess of $118,000.00.