Truckers’ Hours of Service and Highway Safety

Truckers’ Hours of Service and Highway Safety

March 12,2024

Large trucks are difficult to maneuver and control, so their drivers must be skilled, well-trained, and alert, and have their wits about them at all times to avoid accidents. To ensure the safety of both truckers and the general public, strict regulations regarding hours of service and safety have been put in place to prevent crashes caused by truck-driver fatigue. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is ...

Can Bad Health Cause Truck Accidents?

February 20,2024

Being an over-the-road truck driver is not an easy job, especially when it comes to the effects on health. Truckers are sitting behind the wheel for long hours and have few opportunities to stretch their legs or even get a minimal amount of exercise. Sitting too long often leads to a variety of health problems, as does stress caused by the deadlines they must meet; after working for a few years, they often find their health be...

How Long Does a Truck Accident Case Take To Settle?

January 25,2024

The time it will take to settle a truck accident case varies greatly, depending on the factors and parties involved and the extent and severity of the complexity of the case. Truck accidents are often complicated, especially if they involve large commercial trucking companies who have deep pockets and high-powered lawyers, deny claims or pay out as little as possible, and drag out the time it takes to settle in an attempt to w...

Could Tech Be the Answer to Truck Driver Fatigue?

March 04,2019

Ongoing statistical analysis of semi-truck accidents by the federal government finds that around 5,000 occupants of passenger vehicles die every year in wrecks involving semi-trucks, and another 700 drivers and passengers in 18-wheelers die annually in these crashes. There are a number of reasons why big-rig wrecks happen, but the overwhelming cause of truck crashes when the trucker is at fault is driver fatigue, followed c...

Why Distance Between Rest Areas Affects CMV Driver Fatigue in Kentucky

August 06,2018

A recent study at the University of Kentucky revealed an interesting correlation surrounding fatigue-related crashes involving over the road (OTR) commercial motor vehicle drivers. UK researchers found that the farther a drowsy trucker is from a rest area (such as a truck stop or weigh station), the greater the chance that he would be involved in an accident. Researchers analyzed Kentucky commercial motor vehicle crash data...

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