Is Your Favorite Football Player a Candidate for CTE?

Is Your Favorite Football Player a Candidate for CTE?

November 15,2017

It’s been 12 years since the first stories about chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative brain disease better known as CTE, reached the national media. Since then, the news about football's health risks are becoming known among the sport's youngest players.  And some parents are beginning to wonder whether they want their kids to play a sport that they themselves grew up loving. But it’s hard to ignore t...

Safety at MLB Games

August 11,2017

Another Midsummer Classic is in the books and the American League continued its winning streak in the All-Star Game, besting the National League by one run. America’s pastime, baseball is as popular as ever. In fact, a petition in 2014 to make Major League Baseball’s Opening Day a national holiday gathered over 100,000 signatures (it didn’t work). There are 30 professional U.S. teams, though none in Kentucky. Accordi...

Paralysis: Common Injuries Can Lead to a Serious Result

August 08,2017

Paralysis is a scary thought, and definitely one of the most severe injuries a person can sustain. It's a drastic life change that is difficult to adjust to -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Becoming paralyzed because of someone else's negligence adds another layer of personal suffering that can be hard to overcome. Researchers estimate that as many as 12,500 people suffer from spinal cord injuries each year, and a...

Avoid the Summertime Blues: Play it Safe

June 12,2017

Summertime in Kentucky is special. The trees bloom, school is out, and everyone goes outside for some fun. And few states have as much to offer as Kentucky when the weather turns warm. With mountains, streams, lakes, rivers, caves, trails and, of course, horses, Kentucky can, and does, host nearly every type of outdoor activity. In addition to the more formal activities, there is always neighborhood fun. The average Kentuc...

How to Calculate Damages for Pain and Suffering

March 14,2017

We've all heard the elusive phrase “pain and suffering” tossed around in conversations, court TV programs, legal documents, and more. It's a real thing, but one that can be challenging to quantify. Pain and suffering isn't always physical, which is where it gets tricky to describe. Some people might find it hard to adequately describe what emotional pain and suffering feels like, or to define it as precisely as they mi...

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