Be Careful What You Share: Social Media Posts Can Harm Your Personal Injury Case

Be Careful What You Share: Social Media Posts Can Harm Your Personal Injury Case

September 02,2016

Social media is a slippery slope. It can be a great outlet to see pictures of your friends’ children, wish someone a happy birthday, follow the happenings of your favorite celebrity, learn new recipes – the list is seemingly endless. However, that accessibility is packaged with vulnerability, and what you share can come back to haunt you. Some people have lost their jobs due to social media, and a recent study found...

Preserving Evidence Can Protect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

August 31,2016

Preserving evidence after an injury can make a huge difference in the success of a case. While it can be difficult and time-consuming, it is critical for the recovery of maximum compensation. As long as the evidence contributes relevant information to your claim, it’s practically impossible to have too much. Evidence is the cornerstone that establishes fault and shows the extent of the damage you incurred. The sooner ...

Prom Safety

April 29,2016

Spring brings several rites of passage for high school students, culminating in the all-important graduation ceremony that typically serves as the dividing line between adolescence and adulthood. Amid the stresses that frequently accompany that transition comes the biggest formal party that most kids will ever be part of other than their own wedding. Yes, it’s prom season again, bursting with fancy dresses, crisp tuxedos...

Dangerous Dares

March 23,2016

It usually starts out innocently enough. “Watch me!” they say, as they eagerly display some newly discovered feat of balance or coordination. Later on, it’s “Mom! Dad! Look what I can do!” as they successfully mimic some grown-up behavior. And then one day, a line gets crossed and a harmless attention-seeking activity morphs into precarious conduct that can be hazardous to their health. In fact, it sometimes se...

Avoiding Injury During March Madness

March 09,2016

March Madness. Seems like relatively harmless alliteration, a catchy phrase to mark the end of the NCAA men’s basketball season. The term can be traced back to 1939, when it was first used by an official with the Illinois High School Association (IHSA). In fact, it referred only to Illinois high-school basketball until 1982 when it was used by Brent Musburger during NCAA tournament coverage. Several years and multiple r...

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