Liability for Horse Injuries

Liability for Horse Injuries

February 21,2017

Horses are a big part of life here in Kentucky. Most farms have horses; but unlike other species of livestock, you can also find them in many other environments. People own horses for lots of reasons. They're beautiful, majestic animals, but whether you breed them, ride them, or anything in between, accidents happen that can leave you – and the horse – wondering what to do next. Maybe one gets loose and causes a car ac...

Scalding Injuries of Children in Apartment Complexes

January 09,2017

To protect people from scalding, the Federal Government has implemented regulations regarding the appropriate temperature delivered from the tap. The maximums vary slightly, depending on the regulator and who is accessing the hot water. In most cases, the top temperature is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. However, these top temperatures are lower for some populations. For example, the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standard (UFAS) ...

Differences Between Concussions and TBIs

November 28,2016

Not all bumps to the head result in damage, but most should be taken seriously. Our brains are delicate organs responsible for a wide variety of tasks, so although it can be tempting to downplay injury, doing so can be a big mistake. Awareness of the dangers of brain injuries is essential to safety. It has been estimated that traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are so common that each year, they contribute to more than one-quarter...

Cooking Safety for Holiday Meals

November 21,2016

The holidays are upon us again, and with them brings hustle, bustle, family, friends, and food. Most would consider the food to be an integral part of the winter holidays – and it’s not just the consumption of the food, but the preparation of the food, that takes center stage. Even the most well-intentioned guest seems to have an opinion about how this or that should be made. Auntie Faye has already had one too many...

Children’s Sports Injury and Concussion Awareness

November 14,2016

Athletics can teach kids great lessons about good sportsmanship, discipline, and teamwork. Physically and socially beneficial, participation in sports while you’re young can make memories that last a lifetime. It can also leave children with injuries, both temporary and permanent. Consider these statistics: More than 3.5 million children under the age of 14 receive medical treatment for sports injuries each year. ...

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