Defective Products Liability

Product Liability

It’s common in our society to simply put blind trust in the things we buy. Few of us even pause to consider whether the products are safe — we just expect that they are.

There is a prevailing assumption that the maker or seller of a product has taken precautions to safeguard users from any potential harm. In fact, companies that make and sell products do have a legal obligation to provide safe and effective products. Nevertheless, thousands of Americans every year are seriously injured or killed by defective products.

Legal Damages & Compensation

Individuals who become ill or are injured by a consumer product may be entitled to financial compensation, including payment for property damage, lost wages, long-term disability, medical expenses and pain and suffering. Punitive damages can also be awarded as a way of punishing companies whose actions have been particularly outrageous. The calculation of these damages is a major point of disagreement in any lawsuit, so it’s important to have a skilled negotiator working for you.

Defective Product Lawyer, Billy JohnsonIf you believe that a defective product injured you or someone you love, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. At the Johnson Law Firm, we have successfully represented people from across Kentucky who have been seriously hurt or even killed by defective products.

Attorney Billy Johnson, has been helping victims and their families put their lives back together since 1998 and he is ready to help you. Call us at 606-437-4488 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Defective Product Designs & Manufacturing

Sometimes, products are sold in spite of known issues. Other times, products develop issues after they are out on the market. If the design or manufacturing defect is widespread, a manufacturer can issue a recall, which shows that the manufacturer knows the product is unsafe. Unfortunately, many dangerous products are put on shelves long before the need for a recall becomes obvious.

Even after an unsafe product is recalled, it often continues to be available from other sources, such as Craigslist, eBay, garage sales and flea markets.

Of course, many manufacturers deny wrongdoing. The Pikeville defective product attorneys of the Johnson Law Firm thoroughly analyze each claim to determine all potential sources of liability, which may extend beyond the manufacturer to the designer, the seller, the wholesaler or even someone who modified the product. We are capable of bringing to trial various defective product cases, such as those involving:

A defective product lawsuit may be based on several theories of recovery. Unlike most personal injury lawsuits, a plaintiff filing a defective products lawsuit does not have to prove negligence on the part of the defendant. Rather, the plaintiff must merely show that the product had a defect that led to an injury. In addition to demonstrating a defect in the product itself, a plaintiff may also recover if the product provided inadequate safety warnings that caused personal injury to the plaintiff.

Defective Products Litigation

Defective products litigation is highly complex. Manufacturers have a number of defenses available to them, and they are often represented by aggressive attorneys because there can be big dollars and long-standing reputations at stake. If you have been injured by a defective product, you will need an experienced attorney to effectively represent your interests. Please contact the knowledgeable KY defective product lawyers at the Johnson Law Firm by calling us toll free at 606-437-4488 or contacting us online to discuss your case for free.

Attorney Billy Johnson

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