Talk to Your Teen About Distracted Driving on Prom Night

Talk to Your Teen About Distracted Driving on Prom Night

April 09,2019

If there’s one thing that parents know well, it’s that their teenage children are very receptive to advice. They’re completely self-aware, and they look to their parents for wisdom on everything from tips on keeping their rooms clean to how to be better drivers. Okay, so maybe that’s not true at all. Teens are often convinced that their parents are relatively boring people who are out of touch with reality. Some you...

When Does a Car Accident Become a Personal Injury Claim?

January 18,2019

When injured in a car accident, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by uncontrollable events after the wreck: dealing with medical bills, getting your car fixed (or replaced), all those calls (and letters) from insurance companies, not to mention the pain and hassle resulting from the injuries themselves. It can be a real chore for car wreck victims to decide whether they need to hire an attorney. Sometime after your automobile...

Can I Sue Someone After a Car Accident in Kentucky?

January 02,2019

When you (and family or friends) are injured in a car accident in Kentucky, you file a claim with your insurance company, which then forwards it to the negligent driver’s insurer. If that driver’s carrier is not offering a reasonable, fair settlement amount that will pay for all the damages you’ve suffered, a lawsuit to recover the balance may ultimately be appropriate. The only true reason to file a car accident laws...

What to Do When a Car Accident is Not Your Fault

December 10,2018

Every day many drivers are involved in car wrecks, often because of the careless actions of other people. If this happens to you, what should you do? First, don’t panic. Check everyone in your vehicle and the other car(s) to make sure no one is seriously injured. If EMTs are needed, call them – and the police. Make notes of who is injured and what the injuries initially seem to be. Don't move a seriously injured person...

Can This Car Camera Tell You If You’re Distracted?

September 10,2018

New technology developers are constantly pushing the envelope to create programs and applications which in many cases may make life easier and safer for us on a variety of levels. San Diego-based startup Netradyne has a new entry into the world of driver safety – the Driveri system. It helps you become a better driver through real-time monitoring of how you drive, then gives feedback, both immediate and later, from a r...

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