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When Can I Sue for A Brain Injury?

January 26,2024

When the brain is injured, the effects can be devastating and life-changing, since the brain controls all our bodily and mental functions. Brain injuries can produce changes in personality, intellect, creativity, and memory, and severe injuries can lead to paralysis, inability to communicate, coma, or death. Those who survive may need life-long care, face financially draining medical and rehabilitation costs, and be unable to ...

Common Causes of Brain Injuries

January 25,2024

The brain is made of soft tissue, surrounded by a hard skull to protect it, but there still are many ways that the brain can be injured. "Brain injury" is a term that encompasses everything from mild concussions to serious trauma. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) usually results from a violent blow or jolt to the head or body. An object that goes through brain tissue, such as a bullet or shattered piece of skull, also can cause tr...

How Long Does a Truck Accident Case Take To Settle?

January 25,2024

The time it will take to settle a truck accident case varies greatly, depending on the factors and parties involved and the extent and severity of the complexity of the case. Truck accidents are often complicated, especially if they involve large commercial trucking companies who have deep pockets and high-powered lawyers, deny claims or pay out as little as possible, and drag out the time it takes to settle in an attempt to w...

What to Do if Your Motorcycle Is Hit by a Car from Behind

December 19,2021

Riding your motorcycle on a beautiful day and enjoying the scenery can be a great experience. But all of that can change in an instant if your motorcycle is hit by a car from behind. Because cars are so much bigger and heavier than motorcycles, the bike and driver can be thrown in the air and several yards down the roadway, causing catastrophic injuries. In 2019, there were 84,000 motorcycle accidents in the United States...

Are Nursing Homes Liable for Falls?

September 27,2021

If you’re wondering are nursing homes liable for falls, the answer is typically yes. When a resident slips, trips or falls in a nursing home, the home is liable under the legal theory of premises liability. In addition, a nursing home can also be liable under the medical negligence theory if a resident falls and suffers serious injury. There are several ways that a nursing home can be negligent when it comes to preventi...

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