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What to Do if Your Motorcycle Is Hit by a Car from Behind

December 19,2021

Riding your motorcycle on a beautiful day and enjoying the scenery can be a great experience. But all of that can change in an instant if your motorcycle is hit by a car from behind. Because cars are so much bigger and heavier than motorcycles, the bike and driver can be thrown in the air and several yards down the roadway, causing catastrophic injuries. In 2019, there were 84,000 motorcycle accidents in the United States...

Are Nursing Homes Liable for Falls?

September 27,2021

If you’re wondering are nursing homes liable for falls, the answer is typically yes. When a resident slips, trips or falls in a nursing home, the home is liable under the legal theory of premises liability. In addition, a nursing home can also be liable under the medical negligence theory if a resident falls and suffers serious injury. There are several ways that a nursing home can be negligent when it comes to preventi...

Who is at fault in a lane-change accident?

August 20,2021

Determining who is at fault in a lane-change accident can be complicated, and it is influenced by several factors. Parties potentially at fault in a lane-change accident include: The driver changing lanes A distracted driver in another vehicle A drunk driver Both drivers/multiple drivers. In some cases, the at-fault party is obvious.  In other cases, more than one driver is at fault, and the analysis hinges on...

Can You Sue a Hospital for Wrongful Death?

May 26,2021

The American civil court system gives everyone the ability to sue anyone for just about anything. If you've gone through the experience of the wrongful death of a loved one in a hospital, you can sue the hospital, but the advisability of such an action depends on the circumstances of the death. That might not directly answer the question of "can you sue a hospital for wrongful death?" However, it does highlight the fact you n...

Can You Sue for PTSD After an Accident?

April 27,2021

Devastating vehicle crashes can cause lifelong injuries, resulting in broken bones, disfigurement, neurological and muscular damage and disability. The wreck itself can also be emotionally traumatizing, causing nightmares, extreme anxiety, depression and, in some severe cases, PTSD. Beyond physical and psychological injuries, you are probably also facing large medical bills and lost wages. After a car accident, there are ...

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