Are Big Rigs Going to Get Even Bigger?

Are Big Rigs Going to Get Even Bigger?

January 03,2018

A proposal by more than 80 different industry groups, primarily comprised of agricultural shippers, could see truck sizes grow and create major changes on highways and roads in the United States. Pilot Proposal The coalition sent a letter to Congress on May 26 proposing a 15-year pilot program to study raising large trucks weight limits from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 pounds on federal highways, according to,...

Public Outcry Could Soon Lead to Safer Commercial Trucks

November 21,2017

The recent deaths of four people from a multi-vehicle crash one late July night on an interstate highway in New York were the latest tragedies connected to the absence of underride truck guards – steel guards on the sides of commercial trucks that can prevent cars from becoming wedged underneath these large vehicles in a wreck.  The victims – in two separate cars – were all killed instantly when they plowed undernea...

Health Issues Can Affect Truck Driver Safety

September 01,2017

Truck drivers operate heavy machinery in traffic for long hours at a time. They encounter weather conditions that are difficult to navigate, such as heavy rain, high winds, and icy roads. They have to quickly react to other vehicles on the road that may stop short or cut into lanes without signaling. However, the less obvious issue of driver health can be one of the most important safety risks. Sleep apnea, high blood pres...

Teens as Interstate Truckers?

August 31,2015

Being a teenager is an exciting time, filled with many firsts. Though your first job may be less anticipated than your first kiss, it serves as a life-long benchmark in financial responsibility, maturity and independence. Maybe you took tickets at the movies, delivered newspapers, bagged groceries, scooped ice cream or answered phones. If the trucking industry gets its way, driving 40-ton trucks across state lines could ge...

Coming Soon to a Truck Ahead of You?

August 04,2015

We’ve all been there. Stuck behind an 18-wheeler with no way out. Inching closer does no good, neither does backing off. As the miles go by, we debate whether or not to pass, but the “How’s My Driving?” sticker strategically placed at eye level on the back of the semi reminds us that safety is important. Do we stay indefinitely or risk getting hit? What if there was a way to see what was coming so we would know whe...

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