Common Products are Leading to a Rise in Infant Injuries

Common Products are Leading to a Rise in Infant Injuries

June 29,2017

The market is brimming with products intended to make our lives easier or otherwise better than they were without them. The older generations often point out that they were able live without all of these modern luxuries, and they're right. This seems especially true of all the new gizmos and gadgets available for children and babies. Perhaps we have too much of a good thing, however. Even the basic items such as carriers,...

Samsung Recall & The Dangers of Lithium-Ion Batteries

January 09,2017

Of late, a new item has been the subject of jokes on social media and late-night talk shows. That item is the lithium ion battery within Samsung's latest line of phones. From a vehicle going up in flames after a phone was left charging in the car to airlines banning certain types of Samsung phones from being brought onboard, the problem appears to be quite serious. In fact, it's been series enough that Samsung has issued a...

New E-Cig Danger: Poisonings in Children On the Rise

June 20,2016

Vaping shops have been sprouting up all over as the popularity of electronic cigarettes surges. While the number of adults in the U.S. who smoke traditional cigarettes is at an all-time low of 15 percent, e-cigarettes are being consumed by smokers, former smokers, and first-time users in record numbers. In January 2014, there were 466 brands of e-cigarettes and 7,764 unique flavors available for sale, estimated at the time...

There’s Nothing Fun about Unsafe Toys

December 09,2015

Full of holiday spirit and winter weather, the month of December is also the time for end- of-the-year lists. It seems everywhere you turn, someone has compiled a ranking of the year’s best and worst movies, songs, shows, fashions, etc. Children’s toys – an industry generating approximately $22 billion dollars in sales each year in the United States alone -- are no different. Every year for the past four decades, a ...

Top and Recent Car Recalls: Ford and Takata

June 11,2015

More isn’t always better, and that is certainly the case when it comes to auto recalls. Last year, carmakers set an all-time high for recalls, edging out the 2014 record of just under 51 million vehicles through 803 recalls. Whether due to shoddy workmanship, defective design, regulators' cracking down on safety defects, automakers' becoming more proactive about reporting problems or some other explanation, 2015 saw almost ...

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