Most Dangerous Roads in Kentucky
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Dangerous Roads

Kentucky generally falls somewhere between 10 and 20 on the “most dangerous” list

When rankings from numerous magazines, newspapers and network news shows involving dangerous driving come out, the safest states are almost always in the Northeast, while the most dangerous tend to be in the South and West. While not usually highlighted, Kentucky generally falls somewhere between 10 and 20 on the “most dangerous” list. Miles of open highway, mountains, and often unpredictable weather contribute, as anyone familiar with the state’s roads and highways can attest. But even in a state closer to most dangerous than most safe, some roads are worse than others.

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Kentucky Traffic Statistics by the Numbers

According to the Kentucky Department of Transportation (KYDOT), traffic accidents on public roads in the Commonwealth increased by 5 percent between 2014 to 2015. Overall, there were a total of 136,388 reported across the state. There were 694 fatalities and 23,803 total injuries. Including private roads and parking lots, there were 707 fatalities and 161,393 total accidents.

According to KYDOT, the most dangerous roads include:


  • I-75: 3,658 total collisions, 19 fatal collisions, 21 fatalities, 522 nonfatal injury accidents and 769 total injuries
  • I-65: 2,837 total collisions, 13 fatal collisions, 13 fatalities, 458 nonfatal injury accidents and 661 total injuries
  • I-64: 2,290 total collisions, 15 fatal collisions, 15 fatalities, 354 nonfatal injury accidents and 547 total injuries
  • I-264: 1,749 total collisions, 4 fatal collisions, 4 total fatalities, 277 nonfatal injury accidents and 405 total injuries
  • I-71: 1,163 total collisions, 7 fatal collisions, 7 total fatalities, 170 nonfatal injury accidents and 269 total injuries.


  • Edward Breathitt Parkway: 360 total collisions, 4 fatal collisions, 4 total fatalities, 63 nonfatal injury accidents, 86 total injuries
  • Wendell Ford/I-69: 290 total collisions, 3 fatal collisions, 4 total fatalities, 38 nonfatal injury collisions, 65 total injuries
  • Martha Layne Collins Parkway: 270 collisions, 4 fatal collisions, 4 total fatalities, 49 nonfatal injury collisions, 72 total injuries
  • William Natcher Parkway: 239 total collisions, 4 fatal collisions, 4 total fatalities, 35 nonfatal injury collisions, 54 total injuries
  • Julian Carroll Parkway: 172 total collisions, 4 fatal collisions, 4 total fatalities, 38 nonfatal injury collisions, 56 total injuries.

Other Kentucky Auto Accident Sites

While highways and parkways are the most dangerous places in Kentucky for accidents, the website Only in Your State breaks down accident sites more specifically.

  • KY-4: Also known as New Circle Road, this stretch of roadway circles Lexington and is considered one of the six most dangerous places to drive in the state, according to Kentucky State Police (KSP).
  • Bert D. Combs Mountain Parkway: This parkway goes through the mountains in Mid-Eastern Kentucky.
  • Bluegrass Parkway: This stretch of road extends from I-65 to US 60. Despite its short length, it is frequently cited by KSP as one of the most dangerous roads in all of Kentucky.
  • Man O’ War Blvd: Another road in Lexington, the multiple stop lights contribute to the number of accidents instead of stopping them.
  • Spaghetti Junction (Louisville): This interchange in downtown Louisville is the confluence of three major interstates, I-65, I-64 and I-71. As a result, it is a common site for multiple wrecks.

Common Causes

Simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time can cause a motor-vehicle accident, as any experienced driver knows. However, some causes are more common than others. Huffington Post lists the most common:

  • Distracted DrivingDistracted driving includes anything that takes attention away from the road while operating a motor vehicle. While distraction may include anything from changing a radio station to eating, the most common cause for distracted driving is the use of smart phones. The NHTSA estimates there were more than 53,500 crashes in Kentucky in 2014 caused by driver distraction.
  • Drunk Driving Studies have shown that any amount of alcohol impairs the ability of drivers to make solid decisions and to react as quickly as if they were sober. Despite laws prohibiting drinking and driving, it is still a major cause of accidents. In 2015 alone, 175 people were killed in Kentucky as a result of accidents in which alcohol was involved.
  • Construction SitesConstruction sites are often an overlooked cause of accidents. When construction is done on busy roadways, lanes are often changed, as are speed limits and other regular rules. Traffic is often heavier and backed up as a result of lane closures. If drivers are not completely focused on the road and construction signs, they often do not have enough time to react to changes and they cause collisions.

Safety First

Simply knowing what to look for may help prepare against dangers on the road. That includes knowing where accidents are especially common, and knowing the most common causes. Hopefully, forewarned is forearmed. Nonetheless, accidents happen. If you are unfortunate enough to have an auto accident anywhere in Kentucky, remember we are here to help.

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