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"I was in a bad car wreck that caused me to break my leg and be hospitalized for several days. Billy and Brittney came and met me with and my family in the hospital. From day one, they hit the ground running, and they never stopped working at full-speed on my case. The settlement that Billy got us changed our lives. We paid off all of our debt. We have been able to remodel our home, buy new vehicles, help out our kids financially, and save for what might come in our future."   - Kathy H.    |    TESTIMONIALS FROM CAR ACCIDENT CASES

Injured by a Hit-and-Run Driver? Talk to Our Kentucky Hit-and-Run Lawyer.

If you or a loved one was a victim of a hit-and-run accident in Kentucky, you should get help from a hit-and-run lawyer. Hit-and-run accidents occur when a driver leaves the scene of any vehicle accident. It is a serious offense since Kentucky traffic laws require any person involved in a crash or pedestrian accident to remain at the scene. Depending on the circumstances and injuries associated with the accident, the penalties for leaving a crash scene in Kentucky can range from paying a very large fine to spending time in jail, or even prison, especially if there are injured victims or the driver was intoxicated. The legal duties of all drivers involved in a car wreck in the state of Kentucky are clearly outlined under the Kentucky revised statutes chapter 189 which states all drivers “shall immediately stop and ascertain the extent of the injury or damage and render reasonable assistance.” It also states that the vehicle operator “shall give the occupant of the vehicle, person struck, (or law enforcement) if requested, the registration number of their vehicle, and also the names and addresses of the owner, the occupants, and operator.”

Hit-and-Run Cases Can Be Complex

Unfortunately, hit-and-run cases are complicated by the fact that the driver who hit you has taken off and may be difficult to locate. The difficulties involved make it even more important to get assistance with getting the compensation you are entitled to. A car accident can result in serious bodily injuries or a wrongful death due to the negligence of a hit-and-run driver. To get the compensation you deserve, be sure you have an experienced attorney by your side. The Kentucky hit-and-run lawyers at the Billy Johnson Law Firm represent victims and their families and friends in Kentucky who suffered injuries caused by drivers who fled an accident scene. We offer a free consultation to discuss the details of your case and show you how we can help. Give Billy a call today at 606-437-4488.

Our Kentucky Hit-and-Run Lawyers Handle Challenges of Getting You Compensation

A hit-and-run car accident can be devastating for the victims of these crimes. There are two primary problems that victims of hit-and-run drivers commonly encounter.
  1. Perpetrators Lack Insurance
  2. After an accident, damages are owed for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income and even wrongful death expenses if a loved one was killed. However, an uninsured hit-and-run driver creates obstacles to getting those damages. Even if law enforcement tracks them down later, an uninsured driver doesn’t have insurance to pay the damages they owe.
  3. A Hit-and-Run Driver Might Not Be Prosecuted
  4. Even though a hit-and run is a serious crime, chances are 50/50 that the driver will be arrested and tried for his or her crime and found guilty.

Your Options When You Face These Challenges
Because of these challenges, your best bet when you’re a victim of a hit-and-run driver is to seek compensation through your own insurance company. If you have Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM), you at least have a process to seek that compensation. Whether or not you are awarded money by your insurer to pay for all your medical bills and other damages, including wrongful death, depends on the terms of your policy, its coverage limits, and your insurance carrier’s agenda – because not all insurance companies are created equal. If you are not sure how your insurance will handle covering the costs of damages to your vehicle and of your medical bills, as well as your lost wages, we can help. Give our experienced team a call at 606-437-4488 to discuss what legal options you have to be sure your insurer will pay when you are harmed by an uninsured hit-and-run driver.

Our Hit-and Run Accident Lawyers Will Take on Insurance Companies

Some insurers are reputable. Hopefully, you have chosen yours wisely to handle your UM/UIM claim. But this is a fact about insurance companies that you need to keep in mind: They are in the business of taking in premiums and paying out as little as they can in claims. None of them like paying out. And many rely on NOT paying claims to stay in business. You might be denied immediately after you file. Or your insurance adjuster might drag his feet, ask you tons of useless questions to delay their denial, keep losing paperwork and eventually offer a settlement that is only a portion of your rightful coverage. All these are signs they aren’t going to willingly pay you the compensation that is rightly yours, even though you’ve paid for it – each and every month. This is when you need a seasoned injury lawyer to help you recover every rightful penny you are owed by your insurer, or the insurance company of the hit-and-run driver if law enforcement has been successful in tracking him down. The hit-and-run lawyers at Billy Johnson Law know what damages you can demand after your accident and what to do to help you receive them. We can help by:
  • Getting your insurance to pay damages. If you have uninsured or underinsured motorist protection (UIM) on your insurance policy, we can help make sure you are fully compensated for damages. Insurance companies are more likely to take your claim seriously if they know you have an attorney on your side. We will aggressively negotiate with insurance adjusters and lawyers for optimum compensation.
  • Pursuing a claim. If the at-fault driver was charged by law enforcement (or we find them ourselves), we can help you pursue a claim. In Kentucky, you are entitled to receive two types of damages — compensatory or punitive.

Types of Damages You Can Receive in a Hit-and-Run Accident

  1. Compensatory damages. They compensate you for your losses, both economic and non-economic.

  2. A. Economic damages are for specific monetary losses and costs due to the accident, such as:
    • Medical and rehabilitative expenses
    • Expected future medical expenses
    • Lost wages from being unable to work and expected future lost wages
    • Funeral and burial expenses, if death is involved
    • Property damaged in the accident.
    B. Non-economic damages are for less tangible costs that do not have a specific monetary value, such as:
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental and emotional anguish
    • Loss of companionship, household services, and quality of life.
  3. Punitive damages.
  4. These are to punish and make an example of a defendant because of their wrongdoing and recklessness.

There may also be other options we can pursue for you. In some cases, we may be able go beyond insurance and file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. Call the Kentucky hit-and-run lawyers at Billy Johnson Law today for a free case evaluation at 606-437-4488.

Let Our Hit-and-run Accident Attorneys Work for You

After a hit-and-run accident, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with all you have to deal with If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries by a hit-and-run driver, let us do the work of investigating your case, tracking down the at-fault driver, negotiating with insurance companies, and taking your case to court if necessary.

Call Kentucky’s Billy Johnson Law Firm at 606-437-4488 for your free consultation.

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