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"I was in a bad car wreck that caused me to break my leg and be hospitalized for several days. Billy and Brittney came and met me with and my family in the hospital. From day one, they hit the ground running, and they never stopped working at full-speed on my case. The settlement that Billy got us changed our lives. We paid off all of our debt. We have been able to remodel our home, buy new vehicles, help out our kids financially, and save for what might come in our future."   - Kathy H.    |    TESTIMONIALS FROM CAR ACCIDENT CASES

Vehicle Accidents

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the United States is the largest passenger vehicle market of any country in the world

There are now more than 250 million passenger vehicles registered in the US and this number has increased steadily since 1960. Taking into account the number of buses, commercial trucks, and motorcycles that are also on the roadways means that accidents are inevitable.

Ky Vehicle Accident AttorneyConsidering the relative size and speed of vehicles manufactured today, it is not surprising that motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of property damage and personal injury in this country. In the state of Kentucky, the Johnson Law Firm offers the knowledge and skill that is critical in preparing a successful accident claim.

With almost two decades of litigation experience, Pikeville vehicle accident lawyer, Billy Johnson, has been helping Eastern KY vehicle crash victims secure substantial jury awards and out-of-court settlements. A trusted advisor with a solid reputation, he has experience in:

Causes of Kentucky Vehicle Accidents

One of the first things to consider is the cause of the accident. Common causes include negligence, recklessness, or impairment on the part of a driver; dangerous or substandard road conditions; and defects in the vehicle itself. In determining whether there is a basis for a lawsuit, one of the primary considerations is the idea of negligence. Drivers are responsible for taking reasonable care in operating a vehicle. Failure to exercise reasonable care is considered an act of negligence.

Recklessness, Impairment & Negligence

One basis for negligence is driving while impaired. Impairment may be physical or mental (affected judgment). It may result from the use of drugs or alcohol (DUI, or driving under the influence, is a criminal offense), fatigue, or health conditions (such as diminished eyesight or ability to react quickly). Another basis for negligence is failure to obey the laws of the road. Such “reckless driving” usually involves one or more of the following: driving at a speed above the posted limit, driving at a speed unreasonable for the conditions, failing to obey traffic signals, and driving while distracted.

Poorly Maintained Roads, Malfunctioning Traffic Signals & Defects

In some cases, negligence stems not from another motorist but from a factor outside any driver’s control. Poorly maintained roads, improperly marked construction zones, and malfunctioning traffic signals may constitute negligence on the part of state or local governments. Defective parts or auto repair work may be defined as negligence on the part of an auto maker or mechanic.

As with all accidents involving personal injury, the severity of injuries and their long-term effects can vary greatly. In the case of motor vehicle crashes, injuries may include whiplash, broken bones, burns, internal injuries, and even death. Anyone who has been in a traffic accident should be thoroughly examined by a medical professional as soon after the accident as possible. What seem to be minor injuries can mask undetected internal injuries and can develop into major health concerns.

Available Compensation in Vehicle Crashes

Based on the severity of the accident and the circumstances surrounding its cause, damages may include compensation for:

  • Property damage (such as automobile repairs)
  • Medical bills (past and future)
  • Loss of current and future income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Wrongful death.

Serving the Legal Needs of Kentucky Accident Survivors

The insurance company of the party who is at fault is responsible for paying all of the victim’s damages that resulted from the accident. An important thing to consider when you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident is that insurance companies are businesses with vested interests in paying as little in claims as possible. This is why it is always in a victim’s best interests to discuss the situation with a lawyer before accepting an offer from an insurance company. An attorney that works for you will put your needs before the insurance company’s monetary interests.

Don’t Face the Insurance Companies Alone

Vehicle Accident LayerThe Johnson Law Firm is familiar with the many ways in which insurance companies may try to get you to settle quickly and for less compensation than you deserve. Don’t face them alone. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a vehicle accident, protect your rights by calling an Eastern Kentucky vehicle accident lawyer the Johnson Law Firm at 606-437-4488 or by filling out our consultation form for a free assessment of your case. Billy has been named a Super Lawyer by U.S. News & World Report, as well as an American Trial Lawyers Association Top 100 trial lawyer, and he is a proud member of the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums. Put his experience to work for you.

Teen Driving Safety in Kentucky

Driving in Eastern, KY
Infographic: Driving in Eastern, KY
From over-sized trucks to unsafe roadways, from drunk drivers to texting truckers – it seems to be an endless number of dangers on our roads. These hazards combine with the natural characteristics of being a teenager to result in a disproportionate number of crashes for our young adults.

Parents in Appalachia have reason to worry. Adults may not realize that driving risks are higher for teens in Eastern Kentucky. Take rural, curvy highways and put more trucks (including coal trucks) and a higher volume of reckless drivers and decrease public transportation options and you have a recipe for disaster.

Attorney Billy Johnson

William “Billy” Johnson grew up in the Dorton area of Pike County, Kentucky, and early on decided to stay in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Like many others in Eastern Kentucky, Billy’s dad worked as a coal miner, a hard job but one that taught his son how to meet challenges head on and persevere. Attorney Billy Johnson has years of experience helping injured clients with claims such as car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, wrongful deaths, work injuries, and more. [ Attorney Bio ]

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