Pikeville Dump Truck Accident (Route 23)

“Did I remember to lock the door?” “I hope the kids have a good day at school.” “Wow, those Bears played like champs last night.” “Looks like rain.”
This is your typical morning commute. This is also his average morning commute, and hers, and mine, too. We know the traffic laws, the rush-hour patterns and the first thing we are going to do once we get to work because, of course, we expect to get to our destinations safely. What we aren’t thinking about is what we’re going to do if a truck headed the other way crosses the median in front of us.
We are not thinking of the split-second decisions or the hospital bills or all the what-if scenarios.
Early in September, what started as a regular day in Pike County turned painful – quickly. A southbound dump truck lost control on Route 23 at the Island Creek intersection, crossed into oncoming traffic, flipped onto its side, and crashed into four cars. Instantly, daily routines were forever altered. People in three of the cars had to be cut out by emergency rescuers. Twelve hours later, one of those people died from his injuries. Then, about a week later, a second driver succumbed to her injuries. Both of these people were from right here in Pikeville — ordinary people simply starting their days. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, at least one person dies in the United States every day from trucking accidents, and one of those deaths every week is related to dump trucks. The rich mining history of our area means that dump trucks are a common sight on the roads of Eastern Kentucky. These trucks present some unique hazards: they tend to have high bumpers or no bumpers at all for additional ground clearance, their main function is dependent upon driving in reverse, they often travel with uncovered loads, and they have an increased risk of instability/tipping. No one wants to think that an accident can happen to them, but it’s my job to help when it does. Car collisions, truck wrecks, motorcycle crashes – for over 15 years, I’ve heard the stories, witnessed the suffering, and assisted victims and their families in getting their lives back on track. I know that commercial truck crashes are highly likely to involve serious injury or even death simply due to the sheer size and weight of a typical truck, even an empty one like the one involved in September’s accident. If you have been injured or have lost a loved one in an accident involving a commercial dump truck anywhere in Kentucky, the knowledgeable attorneys of the Johnson Law Firm can protect your rights. Call us today at 606-437-4488 or use our online form for a free consultation.

Attorney Billy Johnson

William “Billy” Johnson grew up in the Dorton area of Pike County, Kentucky, and early on decided to stay in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Like many others in Eastern Kentucky, Billy’s dad worked as a coal miner, a hard job but one that taught his son how to meet challenges head on and persevere. Attorney Billy Johnson has years of experience helping injured clients with claims such as car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, wrongful deaths, work injuries, and more. [ Attorney Bio ]

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