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"One morning, I was waiting at the school bus stop with my two grandsons. The driver started backing up. It hit me and pinned my leg against the guardrail. I ended up being airlifted to a hospital in Tennessee for surgery. Billy met with me in the hospital and within a matter of days, he had inspected the school bus with an accident reconstructionist and obtained a video from inside the bus. He also filed the lawsuit right away. In just 10 months from the accident, Billy had the case resolved for over a million dollars. I know other people whose lawyers took that long to even file their lawsuit, and some whose lawyers just took a quick settlement and went away. Not Billy. He worked fast, but he also maximized the value."   - Bertha B.    |    TESTIMONIALS FROM PERSONAL INJURY CASES

A brief encounter with a dog can forever change your life. Unfortunately, dog bites are painful and serious injuries that can leave emotional and physical scars.

Pet owners are responsible for maintaining control of their pets when around others. Therefore, if pet owner negligence is the cause of your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages.

A Kentucky dog bite lawyer understands state civil laws and how they apply to dog bite injury cases. A free case consultation can help you learn whether you have a possible claim for legal action.

Dog Bite Statistics

Encountering a dog at some point in your day is a real possibility, no matter where you are or go in Kentucky. An estimated 46 percent of homes in the state are home to one or more dogs.

Dangerous dogs are not limited to Kentucky. According to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF), more than 800,000 people nationwide seek treatment annually for dog bites. At least half of those bitten are children.

The statistics concerning dog bites are alarming:

  • Nearly 1 in 5 people who experience a dog bite require medical attention.
  • Children are most at risk for serious bite injuries due to their size and proximity to a dog’s mouth.
  • Familiar dogs, large dogs, small dogs, and cute dogs all have the potential to bite children and others suddenly and without provocation.

You must seek immediate medical attention when a dog bites you or someone you love. Emergency care is essential for the bite and establishing documentation if you pursue a civil claim or lawsuit.

Kentucky Dog Bite Damages

A dog bite is a traumatic event that typically does more than break the skin. Strong jaws and teeth can affect tendons, muscles, and nerves. In addition, an unvaccinated dog can place a victim at risk for rabies and other diseases.

Hospital and doctors’ fees can accumulate quickly. Treatment for victims — adults or children — generally results in time away from work. If a pet owner fails to restrain their dog properly or protect others from harm, they may be liable for your damages.

Dog bite attorneys in Kentucky typically fight for the following types of damages:

  • Immediate, current, and future medical bills relating to victim care
  • Lost wages and future earnings depending upon your situation
  • Mental anguish associated with your pain and suffering.

Some children suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following a dog bite. Nightmares, depression, and anxiety about or a fear of dogs are just a few examples of PTSD. The emotional and psychological harm may require extensive therapy and result in altered behavior.

The changes to your or your child’s life are unfair and unjust. Unfortunately, the financial costs associated with treatment can easily and quickly exceed your ability to pay.

Seeking help from a Kentucky dog bite lawyer can provide much-needed peace of mind. Choosing the right lawyer for your claim or lawsuit protects your best interests.

A Kentucky dog bite is costly — physically, emotionally, and financially. If you or your child suffered harm from pet owner negligence, contact a Kentucky dog bite attorney to learn your legal options. 

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right Kentucky attorney for your dog bite claim or lawsuit is essential. The following are important reasons clients choose The Billy Johnson Law Firm for assistance with their personal injury cases:

  • We are a part of the community: You will see us about town, at the store, or community events.
  • We have a strong record of proven results: The Billy Johnson Law Firm takes great pride in the hard work and successful outcomes of former cases.
  • Our staff provides exceptional and personalized service: Many clients become life-long friends.
  • We never encourage you to settle for anything less than the best possible outcome: Protecting your best interests is our top priority.

A free case consultation allows you — and us — to learn whether you have a case. Then, should we move forward, we work with you to secure the best outcome for your damages.

How We Help Dog Bite Victims

The Billy Johnson Law Firm has the tools to build a strong dog bite case properly. From state-of-the-art equipment to a private plane, we have resources that allow us to access data and experts.

We use these and other tools to build a case demonstrating the profound effect of a dog bite on your or your child’s life. Changes to anyone’s overall quality of life due to pet owner negligence demand accountability.

It is not uncommon for a civil case to settle out of court. However, your attorney will explain the process if your case goes to trial.

Preparing your case involves the following types of steps:

  • Identifying liability
  • Proving negligence
  • Negotiating for a settlement
  • Preparing for a possible trial.

An insurance adjuster may seem friendly and eager to assist you. You may receive a settlement offer and feel tempted to sign it; before you hire an attorney. But most insurance adjusters’ motives involve closing a claim quickly and for the least compensation possible. It is not your best interests they seek to protect but rather their own and that of the company they represent.

The traumatic experience of your dog bite injury leaves you no time to deal with insurance company tactics designed to confuse you. A Kentucky dog bite injury attorney from The Billy Johnson Law Firm manages cases so that victims rest and recover.

Kentucky Dog Bites: FAQs

A dog bite can leave you with more questions than answers. A Kentucky dog bite attorney answers, frequently asked questions regarding dog bites and civil action:

Why do dogs bite?

The AMVF cites fear, illness, protection, and threats as common reasons why dogs bite.

Should I report a dog bite to local authorities?

Yes, you should report a dog bite to a local animal control officer.

Can I afford to hire a dog bite attorney?

The Billy Johnson Firm collects no legal fees unless and until we win your case.

How long do I have to file a dog bite injury case?

The Kentucky statute of limitations for personal injury cases is one year from the date of injury. Twelve months is not much time, making it imperative that victims contact an attorney without delay.

What are my options if the statute of limitations expires?

A: If you file your case before the statute of limitations expires, there are generally no further legal options for pursuing compensation for your damages.

For answers to your dog bite questions, schedule a free case evaluation today with The Billy Johnson Law Firm.

Dog Bites and Wrongful Death

Your loved one’s dog bite may be so severe that it is fatal. Rabies and deadly infections from a dog bite can result in the loss of your loved one. When your loss is due to a pet owner’s negligence, your pain is frustrating and maddening.

Compensation can never replace your loved one. However, it can help ease the financial burden of unexpected funeral costs and final medical expenses.

A Kentucky wrongful death attorney typically fights for these and other related damages. In addition, non-economic damages stemming from your loss, such as loss of companionship, are also commonly included.

Grief is often all-consuming following a tragic loss. Twelve months from the date of death can fly by. Losing track of time is understandable yet risky when pursuing legal action.

Pursuing a wrongful death case alone is simply too challenging for those unfamiliar with Kentucky’s wrongful death laws. If you lost a close loved one due to a preventable dog bite injury, seek help from The Billy Johnson Law Firm today.

Kentucky Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites are a reality that can happen in a second. A neighbor or friend may never expect their dog to bite, yet a pet’s behavior is impossible to predict.

Animals are especially attractive to curious children. The wagging of tails and playful nature of most dogs draw children to them. No curious child should suffer severe injuries due to a negligent pet owner.

Contact The Billy Johnson Law Firm Today

Contact The Billy Johnson Law Firm today to take the first step toward a possible dog bite claim or lawsuit. Scheduling a free case consultation as soon as possible is best for deciding your path toward justice.

A severe dog bite can impact recovery time, preventing you from working or enjoying your favorite activities. In addition, the overall changes to your life are unfair and expensive.

The medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering from your injury or loss should not be your burden. Instead, get the help you need to fight back and hold the negligent pet owner accountable for their negligence.

The Billy Johnson Law Firm focuses on exceptional customer service for clients during a most emotional and stressful time. We firmly fight for those harmed by the negligence of others.

A free case consultation and a “no-fee unless we win” promise leaves you nothing to lose. Call The Billy Johnson Law Firm now at (606) 437-4488 to learn more about how we can help you with your dog bite case.

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