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Good health plays an important role in being able to have the fullest life possible

It affects how we work, learn and engage with others. People with disabilities need health care and health programs for the same reasons as anyone else, and having a disability does not mean that someone cannot be healthy. Statistics show that about one in six children ages 3 through 17 have one or more developmental disabilities. As they age, their needs often become more than their families can adequately address, so many live in group homes. These residential communities for people with similar issues can be very beneficial in helping with daily living needs. Unfortunately, some group homes do not provide the care and attention that they should, resulting in serious injuries or even death to residents.

If you have suffered a group home injury, or if such an injury has happened to someone you love, the Kentucky group home abuse attorneys of the Johnson Law Firm can help.

Based in Pikeville, founding attorney Billy Johnson believes that those who cause harm to others should be held accountable for their actions. He is a proven advocate with over 15 years’ experience who has handled litigation in the United States Court of Appeals, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, the United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky, and the United States Bankruptcy Court. Get started today with a free, no-obligation case review by calling 606-437-4488. You can also fill out this online form to discuss the details of your accident and find out your rights.

According to the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act, a developmental disability is a severe, chronic disability which:

  • is attributable to a mental or physical impairment or a combination thereof;
  • is manifested before the person attains age 22;
  • is expected to continue indefinitely; and
  • substantially restricts the individual’s functioning in several major life activities such as self-care, learning, mobility, self-direction, capacity for independent living, receptive and expressive language, or economic self-sufficiency.

People with developmental disabilities benefit from comprehensive long-term services, but are also highly vulnerable in group home atmospheres that do not provide appropriate care and protection. Common causes of group home injuries include:

  • Choking hazards
  • Inadequate supervision that results in self-injury
  • Inappropriate placement that results in violence/assault between residents
  • Medication errors
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse (hitting, slapping, shaking, restraining, etc.)
  • Neglect (bedsores, malnutrition, unhygienic conditions, etc.)
  • Verbal abuse and insults
  • Involuntary seclusion.

Group homes are funded through Medicaid and supervised by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Division of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities. Placing someone into a group home can be a difficult decision, made harder by the risks of neglect and abuse. Caregivers that are not properly trained, improperly hired, or not giving their full attention to resident needs contribute to the likelihood of injury. Furthermore, many of these facilities are small, which makes them less likely to be scrutinized by the government and easier for abuse to be overlooked.

Proactive visitation by family members and friends can go a long way toward catching mistreatment, especially at facilities that are unlicensed or uninspected. Staying involved puts visitors in a position to monitor staffing levels, supervision, cleanliness and more.

Those with developmental disabilities should live as valued members of society while receiving the services and supports necessary to develop their potential. They should not live in fear of their caregivers. If you or a loved one has been the victim of group home negligence or abuse, you need an experienced attorney to effectively represent your interests. At the Johnson Law Firm, our Pikeville group home death lawyers handle personal injury cases in Eastern Kentucky and statewide. Our founder, Billy Johnson, has been named a Super Lawyer by U.S. News & World Report as well as an American Trial Lawyers Association Top 100 trial lawyer, and he is a proud member of the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forums. Our KY group home neglect attorneys help victims and their families get the financial compensation they deserve from group home owners/operators and the agencies that are responsible for supervising them. To get our team started immediately on your behalf, contact us today by filling out this evaluation form or calling us at 606-437-4488.

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