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"One morning, I was waiting at the school bus stop with my two grandsons. The driver started backing up. It hit me and pinned my leg against the guardrail. I ended up being airlifted to a hospital in Tennessee for surgery. Billy met with me in the hospital and within a matter of days, he had inspected the school bus with an accident reconstructionist and obtained a video from inside the bus. He also filed the lawsuit right away. In just 10 months from the accident, Billy had the case resolved for over a million dollars. I know other people whose lawyers took that long to even file their lawsuit, and some whose lawyers just took a quick settlement and went away. Not Billy. He worked fast, but he also maximized the value."   - Bertha B.    |    TESTIMONIALS FROM PERSONAL INJURY CASES

At the Floyd County, KY, Johnson Law Firm, founded by Billy Johnson in 1998, our personal injury lawyers have helped countless individuals in Eastern Kentucky and across the state whose lives have been affected by the negligent actions of others.

With almost 40,000 residents, Floyd County is rich with history. It was named after John Floyd, who, among his many adventures, participated in rescuing Daniel Boone’s kidnapped daughter, surveyed land for George Washington, helped plan the layout of Louisville, served as Colonel of the Kentucky Militia, and was appointed to be one of the first two judges of Kentucky. Floyd County has 17 points of interest listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Samuel May House, the Town Branch Bridge, and the Wheelwright Commercial District.

There are five incorporated towns in Floyd County: Allen, Martin, Prestonsburg, Wayland, and Wheelwright. Prestonsburg’s geographical position along the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River made it the site of early Civil War engagements at Ivy Mountain and at Middle Creek, where a future president named James Garfield led Union troops in a battle that is still reenacted today. The county seat, Prestonsburg is also home to the Mountain Arts Center, which hosts Billie Jean Osborne’s Kentucky Opry. The East Kentucky Science Center, located on the campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College, boasts one of the most technologically advanced planetariums in the United States.

Visitors to Jenny Wiley State Resort Park can fish, boat, and swim in Dewey Lake; hike and bike on the trails; or catch a play at the Jenny Wiley Amphitheatre, one of the longest running outdoor theatres in the country. Both the park and the old Floyd County Courthouse feature memorials to the 27 school bus victims killed in 1958 in the third deadliest bus crash in U.S. history, now the subject of a documentary entitled “The Very Worst Thing.”

Blackhawk Mining and the James River Coal Company are regional coal mining leaders that operate subsidiaries in Floyd County. One reclaimed strip mine in the area has been transformed into the magnificent StoneCrest Golf Course, and reclaimed surfaces have been instrumental in rebuilding the native elk population.

There’s a lot to love about Floyd County. Whether you are a resident or are just passing through, it’s our goal at the Johnson Law Firm to help you enjoy the area safely and to protect your rights if someone has harmed you.

The next time you have a question about car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, nursing home negligence, workplace injury, premises liability, wrongful death or any personal injury, contact us for a free, confidential consultation. Call us at 606-437-4488, fill out our online form, or stop by to find out why the Johnson Law Firm is known as the “nicest place in town.”

Attorney Billy Johnson

William “Billy” Johnson grew up in the Dorton area of Pike County, Kentucky, and early on decided to stay in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Like many others in Eastern Kentucky, Billy’s dad worked as a coal miner, a hard job but one that taught his son how to meet challenges head on and persevere. Attorney Billy Johnson has years of experience helping injured clients with claims such as car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, wrongful deaths, work injuries, and more. [ Attorney Bio ]

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