Defective Tire Cases

Faulty Tire Cases

Defective tire cases are often complex and require experienced investigation

We tend to take our tires for granted — that is, until we need them, or when they fail. But one of the most vital elements to any vehicle’s safety is the tires. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 11,000 accidents due to tire problems happen every year. Around 200 people die every year in wrecks involving tires.

When Defective Tires Injure or Kill, the Victims Must be Fairly Compensated

Sudden tire failure is especially hazardous in vehicles with high centers of gravity, such as pickup trucks, SUVs, and passenger vans, all of which are susceptible to rollover accidents when a tire suddenly fails. Tread separation is the most common clue to a defective tire. In 2000, Firestone recalled more than six million tires after several series of its pickup and SUV tires separated due to poor manufacturing. The many resulting accidents killed almost 300 people and seriously injured at least twice that many. Firestone was forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars worth of injury and wrongful death claims.

When you or a loved one is harmed because of a defective tire blowout or rollover accident, there could be several different reasons for the wreck. So, you might have a defective product or negligence case which – if successful – can compensate you for the injuries, pain and suffering, medical bills other damages, and possibly the wrongful death of a beloved family member.

Why Tires are so Important, and Manufacturer Recalls can be Too Late

One of the most vital elements to a vehicle’s safety is the tires. And if your vehicle isn’t firmly in contact with the road, many things can happen — none of them good. If a blowout suddenly happens, especially if you are traveling at high speeds, it can be a catastrophe for the driver and all passengers. But defective tire accidents also endanger people who are driving nearby when they’re hit by a suddenly out-of-control car with a blown tire.

Defective tire wrecks tend to be quite complicated because there might be a variety of reasons they fail, and just as many sources of liability for the injuries or wrongful deaths they cause. A dramatic increase in the severity of damage and injury are common in blowout accidents caused by defective tires. Very serious and even gruesome injuries are associated with them.

It is quite conceivable that the tires’ inability to perform properly was caused by one of, or a combination of, these reasons:

  • The tire may not have been correctly installed or mounted when it was purchased.
  • The tires may not have been maintained properly by service professionals during routine maintenance at a dealer or some other vehicle service company.
  • The tire may not have been “matched” to your vehicle’s specifications, in which case your auto manufacturer or the retailer who sold and installed your the tires might share some, or all, of the blame.

Finding the right defective tire lawyer who understands all of these subtle causes and how they relate to each other is the best way to recover fair compensation.

It’s Vital to Retain an Experienced Defective Tire Attorney after a Tire Blowout Accident

In 2014, ABC News unmasked the many failures of our nation’s tire recall system. Prominent in the story was the fact that it’s often difficult for consumers to find out exactly whether or not the tires on their vehicles have been recalled. The story unfortunately tells us that the only way to know if your tires are being recalled is to contact the manufacturer yourself.

Sadly however, a recall is too little and too late for many motorists. Too often recalls aren’t issued until enough accidents occur to justify a manufacturer’s recall. And sadly, the dirty little secret of tire recalls is that many manufacturers’ cost-benefit analyses tell them it’s cheaper to pay injury and wrongful death claims than to recall products and replace them with safe ones.

Defective tire cases are often complex and require experienced investigation. It’s best to retain a seasoned defective tire attorney who is familiar with automotive product liability claims.

Eastern Kentucky’s Johnson Law Firm has built a practice on its reputation for holding manufacturers accountable for the injuries and wrongful deaths their faulty products cause. We thoroughly investigate your case and make sure that those responsible are held fully accountable. Contact us today at 606-437-4488, or fill out this online form to learn how we can help you. Your consultation is free, and we earn no fee unless we win your case.

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