Unsecured Loads & Trucking Wrecks in Kentucky
"My granddaughter and I had severe injuries from a horrible accident with a tractor-trailer. When I got out of the hospital, I hired Billy. My granddaughter hired one of those big out-of-state law firms that have all of the TV commercials, billboards, and bus ads. From our case, I saw firsthand how different Billy was from those out-of-state lawyers. He has the same, if not more, resources than these huge out-of-state firms, but he cares much more and provides a much better service. With Billy, you have lot of power in your corner, but you still get that small-town, personal service and experience."   - Debbie H.    |    TESTIMONIALS FROM TRUCK ACCIDENT CASES

Unsecured Loads & Trucking Wrecks

Have you ever been traveling behind or beside a truck and wondered about the security of its cargo?

Kentucky Shifting Loads Truck Wreck Lawyer

In the rush of daily life, most of us prefer not to question such things or think about what would happen if that load of lumber or cars came crashing down and spilled all over the road. Unfortunately, traffic accidents involving unsecured cargo or shifting loads are all too common and, like many truck accidents, can cause extraordinary loss and injury to motorists, passengers and pedestrians.

KY truck wreck lawyer Billy Johnson believes that those who cause harm to others should be held accountable for their actions. This includes paying compensation to accident victims for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and, in the event of a fatal accident, wrongful death.

Pikeville Kentucky LawyerFrom his office in Pikeville, Attorney Billy Johnson has made it his life’s work to help people throughout Kentucky. A proven advocate with over 15 years’ experience, Billy has handled litigation in the United States Court of Appeals, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky, the United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky, and the United States Bankruptcy Court. Get started today with a free, no-obligation case review by calling 606-437-4488. You can also fill out this online form to discuss the details of your accident and find out your rights. If you have a claim, you can trust that you have an attorney knowledgeable about the trucking industry on your side.

Shifting Loads & Trucking Dangers

Unsecured or loose loads can cause catastrophic accidents as other vehicles try to avoid the falling debris. Drivers who successfully maneuver their cars to miss an item that fell off of a truck may lose control or strike another vehicle while other drivers simply cannot get out of the way fast enough. Loose freight can also drop from trucks and smash through a car’s windshield, injuring or killing the people inside. In addition to loads that are not properly secured, loads inside trucks can shift, resulting in an unbalanced trailer. If the center of gravity is even slightly off, the truck driver can lose control and the whole rig can topple over. This makes trucks with weight violations a danger not only to truck drivers, but also to anyone in their path on the road.

Who is Responsible?

There are a number of parties in the freight distribution chain that may be responsible for wrecks involving 18-wheelers, flatbed trucks, box trucks and other commercial vehicles that were improperly loaded or secured. It begins with the shipper – the people on the loading dock who put the cargo on the truck — and includes the consideration of factors such as the type of cargo being transported, the type of truck being used and the weight the truck is able to carry. The truck driver also has a duty to inspect the load before every trip while the trucking company is bound by specific federal Department of Transportation rules for loading, stacking, balancing and tying down freight.

There is very little margin for error when it comes to loading a commercial vehicle.

If a truck with an unsecured or unbalanced load caused an injury or death in your family, the Johnson Law Firm can help. Our Pikeville personal injury lawyers handle truck wreck cases in Eastern Kentucky and statewide. We have the experience and resolve to hold freight carriers accountable, and we know how to identify as many potential defendants as possible in order to ensure a thorough recovery.

Kentucky Trucking Accident Lawyer

It’s important to contact us as soon as possible after you are injured in a truck wreck because any delay can cause critical evidence to be lost and make it harder to prove fault. You need your own investigative team working to secure the evidence needed to prove your claim. To get our team started immediately on your behalf, contact us today by filling out this evaluation form, calling us locally at 606-437-4488.

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William “Billy” Johnson grew up in the Dorton area of Pike County, Kentucky, and early on decided to stay in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Like many others in Eastern Kentucky, Billy’s dad worked as a coal miner, a hard job but one that taught his son how to meet challenges head on and persevere. Attorney Billy Johnson has years of experience helping injured clients with claims such as car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, wrongful deaths, work injuries, and more. [ Attorney Bio ]

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