RV Accidents
"I was in a bad car wreck that caused me to break my leg and be hospitalized for several days. Billy and Brittney came and met me with and my family in the hospital. From day one, they hit the ground running, and they never stopped working at full-speed on my case. The settlement that Billy got us changed our lives. We paid off all of our debt. We have been able to remodel our home, buy new vehicles, help out our kids financially, and save for what might come in our future."   - Kathy H.    |    TESTIMONIALS FROM CAR ACCIDENT CASES

Involved in a RV Accident? We Can Help

The number of comfortable, stylish motor homes and RVs that travel our highways is growing as people hit the roads in these large, luxurious vehiclesr

Many of these oversized vehicles are as large as passenger buses and 18-wheelers.  And yet, no special licenses are required to drive in many states. So when you combine these gigantic vehicles with their drivers who have little, if any, such driving experience, RV’s can be dangerous to anyone who shares the roads with them. If you or family members are injured victims of a negligent or inexperienced RV driver, find a seasoned attorney to protect your full compensation rights.

Common vehicles in the rather broad “RV” class include:

  • Large Class A luxury motor homes (Winnebago’s, etc.)
  • Medium Class B camper or “pop up” vans
  • Class C single chassis large truck-type vehicles
  • Truck or pop-up campers
  • Travel trailers (often called “caravans”)
  • Park model RV (like a tiny house on wheels)
  • A “fifth wheel” trailer (such as a folding camping trailer
  • Horse trailer or other flat trailer that carries off-road vehicles.

Dangers That RVs Pose To Motorists On The Road 

RVs, especially Class A, and other “oversized” vehicles are as dangerous as any large truck or bus. In addition to size, weight, inability to quickly stop, or maneuver nimbly, there’s another danger – the driver. Professional drivers of large commercial trucks – after undergoing Department of Transportation (DOT) instruction – must secure a special license to drive their vehicles. They must also routinely re-qualify to keep their license. But RV drivers have no such obligations in all but a few states.

These large recreational vehicles are much more difficult to drive than traditional cars, trucks or vans. Some differences that can cause serious wrecks involve:

  • Rollover tendency: Tall narrow RVs are much more likely to roll or tip over. Class A’s are especially susceptible when negotiating a curve, swerving to avoid a road obstacle or when buffeted by high winds.
  • Stopping distance: Class A RVs can weigh up to 30,000 pounds, putting them well into the “large truck” category. This weight increases their stopping distance and force of impact in a wreck. Many smaller RVs, which may be overweight for their chassis, carry similar risks.
  • Visibility: RVs, like 18-wheelers, have larger and more “blind spots” than smaller passenger vehicles with which they share the road.
Common RV driver errors that can lead to wrecks with serious injuries include:
  • Sideswiping a car in an adjacent lane
  • Failing to keep safe stopping distances into account, then rear-ending another vehicle
  • Hitting a biker or pedestrian when making a right turn – known as a “squeeze play”
  • Improperly securing equipment to the roof or back of the RV, allowing it to come loose and cause a wreck.

Defective vehicle parts, particularly tires, also cause RV wrecks. Many RVs are parked for long periods of time between uses. Then the driver fires up the RV but may not get the tires properly checked. Somewhere down the road, a tire fails, causing an injury wreck.

How Serious Were The Injuries?

Your injuries, or those which took the life of your loved one, may have included:

  • Crush injuries
  • Serious internal organ damage
  • Amputation of a leg or arm
  • Orthopedic injuries (broken bones/ligaments)
  • Serious back, neck, or spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI).

RV and ATV Accident Attorneys Serving Eastern, Central and All of Kentucky

If you or a family member has been injured in a wreck caused by a negligent or incompetent RV or motor home driver, there’s probably extensive damage to your property, yourself and passengers. Due to the size and weight of this vehicle, injuries and the resulting bills are likely extensive.

Southeast Kentucky’s Johnson Law Firm understands how a prompt, detailed investigation into the causes of the crash is important. We can help identify whether the accident happened because of an equipment malfunction, overloading, poor judgment by the RV driver, or inexperience by that driver which created a dangerous situation. No case is too complicated.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your situation; and we pledge to give you our honest opinion about your case, the laws that apply, and our experience with similar cases. We earn no fee unless we win your case. Call us at 606-437-4488, or fill out this online form to learn how we can help you.

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