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If you or a family member has sustained a personal injury selecting an attorney is the single most important aspect in determining the outcome of your case. At our law offices ‘The Attorney Works For You’ – Billy Johnson doesn’t hand your case to someone else… he works for you. It is important for you to know who is working on your case, who is going to return your calls, who is going to meet with you any time you need. At our firm, that’s Attorney Billy Johnson. Call today, ask to speak with Billy: 1-855-997-8980.

How Billy Can Help

Whether you have been injured following a car wreck , workplace accident, nursing home neglect or other type of incident, Billy Johnson will aggressively seek fair and full compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering as well as other losses. Financial recovery can help with the healing process and hold those who contributed to the accident accountable. In the case of negligent nursing homes and unsafe workplaces, litigation can lead to changes that help improve safety for others. We offer free consultation, with no obligation – just tell us what happened and we’ll tell you if you have a case.

About Those Other Law Firms…

Be aware that some of those law firm commercials you see are from out-of-state lawyers. We’re right here in Pikeville – Billy, Teresa, Link, Brittney, Ashley and Crystal – you know us and we’re proud to work for you. Some firms have grown so large that the attorneys have forgotten that they work for you! And, still other firms advertise for cases they’ve never done…

We’re not just saying we can handle these cases – we’ve done it.


Violation of Trucking Company’s driver training and education led to catastrophic crash. Plaintiff was catastrophically injured and Billy Johnson was able to negotiate pre-trial settlement well over $9 Million Dollars.


Pike County Jury awarded after a trial and found Defendant Driver guilty of driving while intoxicated and hitting Plaintiff head on, causing significant personal injuries and punitive damages.


Seven year old suffered severe brain injury when a two piece rim separated and struck child’s head. Billy Johnson filed products liability suit against the manufacturer of the rim which resulted in pre-trial settlement of over $6 Million dollars.



Pikeville LawyerThe firm you hire should have experience dealing with complex and time consuming cases and be financially strong enough to ensure you have access to the best reconstruction and investigative resources. Attorney Billy Johnson will handle the investigation needs of your case, secure the top expert witnesses, and aggressively pursue full compensation for you. At No Fee, Unless You Win.

We represent the individual, not large corporations, institutions or insurance companies. Billy Johnson and his staff take pride in the high level of dedication we provide our clients.

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Centrally located in Pikeville, we handle personal injury claims throughout Eastern Kentucky and across the state. Attorney Billy Johnson is known for his thorough investigative process and will evaluate all potential sources of compensation – including third-party claims – to secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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