Reckless Driving Accidents in Kentucky

Reckless Driving Accidents

Although most people operate their cars carefully, it only takes one irresponsible driver to cause an accident

If that person was driving with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of other people or for the rules of the road, then they are guilty of reckless or aggressive driving.

Reckless Driving Injury AttorneyUnder Kentucky law, the penalty for this moving violation is a fine of $20 to $100 and four points assessed against the driver’s license. Furthermore, if their intentional disregard for safety resulted in an injury or wrongful death, they are also financially liable for those damages.

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Recklessness: A Primary Cause of Accidents

There are an average of 6 million car crashes annually in the U.S. and approximately 40,000 fatalities. In 2012, more than 24,000 vehicle accidents on Kentucky roads resulted in an injury and more than 700 people lost their lives. Along with inattention and operating a vehicle while drunk, reckless driving is consistently one of the primary causes for motor vehicle wrecks.

Behaviors that can be considered reckless driving include:

  • Passing another vehicle when visibility of oncoming traffic is limited
  • Racing another vehicle
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Speeding 20 miles per hour or more over the limit
  • Tailgating (following too closely)
  • Trying to elude a police officer
  • Using emergency lanes or road shoulders to pass traffic
  • Weaving through traffic.

According to the 2011 Traffic Collision Facts Report by the Kentucky State Police (the most recent year for which comprehensive figures are available), almost 4,000 collisions occurred due in part to the driver’s disregarding a traffic control device; 1,330 crashes cited exceeding the stated speed limit as a factor, and another 193 listed weaving in traffic as a contributing cause. These three conditions resulted in a total of 96 fatalities.

Although state law requires all operators of vehicles to “drive carefully,” driving is an inherently dangerous activity that has gotten worse as the number of vehicles and motorists on the road has grown.

Frustration with congestion has led to careless drivers who choose to ignore the safety of others. These drivers must be held accountable when their reckless behavior endangers others and results in someone getting hurt. If you have been involved in a car accident with an aggressive or reckless driver, they may be liable for your injuries. There are many types of general damages that may be awarded, including compensation for medical bills, lost wages, disability, wrongful death, and pain and suffering. There is a limited amount of time that action can be taken, so it is important to obtain legal advice immediately.


Reckless Driving Accident LawyersIf you suspect your accident and subsequent injuries were caused by a driver who was operating their vehicle recklessly, you should contact a reckless driving attorney as soon as possible. Prompt legal consultation can ensure the collection of relevant facts and the preservation of evidence. The accident lawyers of the Johnson Law Firm offer a free case evaluation to all prospective clients.

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