Stay Aware, Stay Up to Date, Stay Safe

Stay Aware, Stay Up to Date, Stay Safe

May 02,2015

Through infographics, emails, blog posts and other media, the Johnson Law Firm aims to share with you relevant news, both good and bad. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to get important information to our friends in the Bluegrass State, and recently we began using SlideShare to make a visual presentation of facts about motorcycle injuries in Kentucky. Never heard of SlideShare? It’s one of the top 150 sites o...

Kentucky Bill to Ban “Palcohol” Fails

April 27,2015

Powdered alcohol was recently okayed for sale by federal regulators, but its use can be regulated by the states [source]. House Bill 71, which would have banned powdered alcohol, brand named “Palcohol”, failed to get approval in the Kentucky House when the General Assembly session ended without action being taken. The original bill banning powdered alcohol, Senate Bill 81, died in the House. Then the Senate attempte...

Increase Motorcycle Visibility with a Kentucky-Made Product

April 02,2015

As the weather turns warmer, motorcycle riding season also begins. Many of us count down the last days of winter just itching to fire up our bikes and go for a ride. While you’re making those final mechanical adjustments and dusting off your riding gear, you might also want to consider new ways to keep yourself safe. In 2013 alone, 4,668 people died in motorcycle crashes and 88,000 were injured. Meet Louisville-Based C...

Crumbling Down

March 31,2015

Roads and bridges are a key part of U.S. infrastructure. These critical assets are important to jobs, growth and safety, and they need to be fixed. Unbelievably, public spending on infrastructure is at its lowest since 1947. In its last assessment, the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave our national infrastructure a D+ rating, estimating that it would take $3.6 trillion to upgrade by the year 2020. A natio...

For Your Own Safety, Always Expect a Train at Every Rail Crossing

February 14,2015

Trains have the right of way at crossings -- and for good reason. They're big, they're fast, and they can't exactly stop on a dime. It's up to you -- the driver, cyclist, pedestrian, etc., -- to approach with care, to pay attention to the signs, and to navigate unfamiliar or dangerous conditions. Occur More Often Than You Think With how much warning trains give, be it lights or horns, when they're approaching a trafficke...

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